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Mathematik-Unterrichts-Einheiten-Datei  e.V.

Mathematics Teaching Units

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Aims of MUED

• Learning
• Modeling
• Teaching
"Grasping Math"

Aims of MUED

  • Designing situations for comprehensible learning.
  • Assisting each other in developing knowledge and autonomy.
  • Developing mathematical competence in meaningful activities and contexts.


Some Examples:

  • Which is the cheapest mobile phone plan for me?
  • How will the world’s population grow in the future? How can this growth be controlled?
  • How much space does one laying hen have? How can we change factory farming?
  • Which are the advantages and disadvantages of different taxation schemes?
  • How do you have to design packaging, so that material consumption is as low as possible?
  • How can one manipulate humans with mathematics and what can one do about that?
  • Dripping taps. How can we save water?



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