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Mathematics Teaching Units


Aims of MUED
"Grasping Math"

"Grasping Math"

MUED has compiled “Grasping Math” for all professionals. Because many different didactic channels are addressed – even those that are rarely used in math classes –, these materials provide an easier access to math for all students.
Thus, mathematical explorations are made possible for many, exercises are made more diverse, insights are fixed more firmly, and learning and remembering math is made easier and more successful.

Besides the products listed below, you can find many brochures on these individual areas in our shop:

  • statistics (lower and upper secondary level),
  • introductions (lower and upper sec. level),
  • collections (lower and upper sec. level),
  • functions and analysis (lower and upper sec. level),
  • projects in math classes,
  • cross-cultural education in math classes,
  • individualized instruction (lower and upper sec. level).

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