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Aims of MUED
"Grasping Math"

MEXBOX (Mathematical Experiments Box)

MEXBOX can be used in diverse didactic situations:

  • in individualized instruction for active conceptualization
  • in „discovering“ learning
  • in internal differentiation
  • in presentation of students‘ results
  • in stepless demonstration of transformations
  • as basic material for many games
  • in practical learning for linking  mathematical contents and precise production of materials

On the four side panels of the wood box results can be shown.

Students can work in groups with 10 pin boards (MEXBoards) and 500 pins which are included in the box. The peekaboo designs of the pin boards and side panels are congruent. For home made additional materials like coordinate axes, angular discs (templates in the workbook), cardboard or transparency stripes, figures, hands as well as elastic bands the MEXBOX contains a multi-partitioned wood insert.

Delivery contents:

  • box (285 mm x 285 mm x 365 mm)
  • 10 pin boards
  • 1 wood insert for small pieces,
  • 500 pins,
  • 1 workbook

    If required more boards can be ordered

Price: 315 €


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