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Aims of MUED
"Grasping Math"


Versatile construction concept for fields and grids from equilateral and rectangular triangles, squares, rectangles, pentagons and hexagons. It promotes creativity, visual thinking and fine motor skills. Klickies consist of impact-proof and environment-friendly polycarbonate. Colors are food-safe. This unique construction technique provides stable, but still flexible links between different forms. The edge length amounts to 6.8 cm. So the constructed fields attain vivid and handy size.

Klickies can be used for:

  • grasping the nexus between field and related grid
  • exploring properties of geometric fields
  • explaining inlays
  • visualizing the concept of parts with fractions
  • showing special lines in fields, e.g. with the Pythagorean theorem and angular functions
  • visualizing geometric extreme value problems in analysis
  • conducting analytical geometry in R³             

Delivery takes place in blister packs with one form in each pack: 102 equilateral triangles or 84 rectangular triangles or 60 squares or 42 rectangles or 30 pentagons or 24 hexagons, six colors assorted in each pack.

Price: 29.75 € each blister pack, more than 12 packs minus 20 % quantity discount, plus postage and packing

According to our experiences there are needed for different purposes:

  • as material in internal differentiation: 10-12 packs,
  • as material in individualized instruction: 15-16 packs,
  • as material in several parallel classes: 18-20 packs.

Workbook “Klickies” incl. templates
28 work sheets, 28 commentary sheets (lower secondary level),
64 pages, DIN A4, ISBN 978-3-930197-18-9, 12.50 €


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