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3D Coordinates Model

In the case of problems of vectorial geometry in the upper classes students are often lacking a sustainable notion of basic spatial concepts. This is down to the fact that spatial situations rarely really can be visualized and analyzed in space – if so then only with increased effort. 
Here MUED’s spatial Coordinates System offers a practical compromise between flexible representation and acceptable material costs.

It consists of three 0.65 m x 0.65 m plexiglass sheets furnished with a regular perforation. The three sheets are pushed together orthogonally as coordinates levels – done is the basic set-up. Different tools (e.g. clothes pins, parcel twine, cellotape, cardboard and paper) are added in order to visualize points and sets of points in the area of the coordinates cube.

Delivery contents:
3D Model incl. threaded rods and some small materials like elastic bands, tooth picks, nuts as well as a CD with the PDF file of MUED’s brochure “3D Coordinates Model”

Price: 249 €


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